Eco-Tourism Africa

eco-tourism-logo smaller    Eco-Tourism Africa has been created as a section of COMET Corporation specifically to provide Eco-Tourism Certification to complying Tourism Companies in South Africa and the SADC countries.

Eco-Tourism Africa has signed an exclusive License Agreement with Eco-tourism Australia to use their criteria for certification. The Criteria have been approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (a UN initiative) as meeting their criteria for certification, and thus it is now Internationally recognized.

Costs of Certification are determined by the number of employees of any one establishment, and varies from R 5,000 to    R 25,000 together with evaluation charges and assessor fees. It is thus one of the best value for money Certification schemes in the country.

Access to the Australian website where there is significant detail, can be done by visiting ea-logo-hi-res

Access to the Eco-tourism Africa website will give additional information:

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