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Terms and Conditions

The information submitted to COMET Corporation is done so under the following conditions, agreement and understanding:

  1. COMET Corporation is a registered Section 21 Company or non-profit organization that is providing a service to various industries in the Marine and Coastal sphere to promote Best Practices for the good of the local communities, animals, birds, plant species and the environment. A nominal charge is levied on the service and information displayed on the database to cover the cost of capturing, maintaining, storage and delivery of the data. COMET Corporation will not take business or bookings on behalf of any operator, and serves purely as a channel of information and contact between the public, the market and the Information Provider Operator and/or Service Provider.
  2. At the discretion of COMET Corporation, Operators or Service Providers may be listed even though they do not pay the full listing fee levied. Such listing will contain the minimum information considered necessary to make the market aware of their existence.
  3. The Information Provider and Operator or Service Provider warrants that all information submitted on joining the COMET Corporation website listing, is to the best of their belief to be a true and honest representation of the facts as submitted.
  4. The Information Provider and Operator or Service Provider confirms that the information may be displayed on the COMET Website without risk or danger or other problems that may associated with copyright, copyright infringement, confidentiality or can result in any detrimental, commercial or legal problems for COMET Corporation and/or their members, subscribers, directors, employees, associates, representatives or other third parties and does not violate any Local or International Intellectual Property Law.
  5. The Information Provider and Operator or Service Provider confirms that no information is provided with the intent to deliberately cause harm or loss of reputation or loss of business to any other party through mis-leading facts and/or interpretation of facts.
  6. The Information Provider and Operator or Service Provider undertake to inform COMET Corporation in a timely manner of any changes to the information on the website, including their own information, that may be of significance to the public sector or market.


  1. Although COMET Corporation will endeavour to provide accurate, up-to-date and truthful information on their Website, neither COMET Corporation nor any of its employees, agents, representatives, directors and associates make any representation or give any warranties, whether expressly, tacitly or implied as to the operation of the site, the information, content, materials and products included and available from this site.
  2. COMET Corporation its employees, agents, representatives, directors and associates will not be liable for any damage of whatsoever nature arising or resulting from the use of or inability to use the Website or the information contained therein, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage.
  3. Since the content of the COMET Corporation Website contains information provided by third parties and or contains hyperlinks to other sites, COMET Corporation does not accept any liability for defamatory, illegal, inaccurate or criminal content contained in the information on those linked sites.

COMET Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the Website and/or the information and any agreements with information Providers and Operators or Service Providers at any time without notice. In doing so all care will be taken, but not guaranteed,  to ensure that no third party is compromised as a result of such changes.

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