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Marine Species Viewing

Whale Viewing

Whales inhabit all oceans of the world, some being confined to different locations than others, and hence whale watching or viewing becomes problematic in that the easiest is Boat-Based Whale Watching.

The areas identified for the different species include both Boat Based as well as Land Based locations. The viewing of whales from land is quite geographical dependant - the viewsite needs to be high enough to give a viewing range and to see over surf, rocks and breakers. Land Based viewing is best if one can "look-down" onto the animal.

Not all countries where whales are encoutered have developed Boat Based Whale Watching (BBWW) tourism to the extent that regular or organized trips are available.  Those that have BBWW tourism have usually also got strict Regulations covering the approach and distances anyone is allowed to get to the animals - please ensure you are aware of these Rules and Regulations!

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