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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 08:19

Eerie Video Shows How Coral Bleaches

Time-lapse video captures the coral's convulsions while it expels the algae that give it color.

Coral itself is not colorful. It gets it's hues from a special types of algae, called zooxanthellae, that lives in its tissues, feeding on the coral’s metabolic waste. In return, the algae produces sugars and amino acids that the coral polyp eats as food.

When coral gets stressed from events like a rise in water temperatures, it ejects its colorful algal companions, turning white in a process called bleaching. But how this happens is not well understood. So to figure it out, a team of researchers from Queensland University of Technology caught this process in action using time-lapse video.

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One of the most rapidly warming places on Earth in the past half century actually cooled in the past 20 years, according to research that may be seized on by those who have doubts about global warming.

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New images have been released showing coral bleaching in the Maldives, as the global mass bleaching event strikes the Indian ocean.

This current bleaching event has already affected corals in multiple countries in the Pacific region, including Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

A survey released this week revealed that coral bleaching killed 35 per cent of coral in the central and northern parts of the Great Barrier Reef, while previous research found that 95 per cent of those reefs have been severely affected.

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Some of Thailand’s most prized dive sites have been closed indefinitely after the Department of National Parks’ survey found coral bleaching on 80 percent of some of the reefs. This is a bold move for a country where tourism accounts for 10 percent of its economy—and where officials were hoping to attract 32 million tourists this year, The Guardian reported. But then again, it sends the message Thailand officials want: Ignorant tourism is killing the reefs.

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