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Royal Penguin

Short Description

The Royal Penguin inhabits the waters surrounding Antarctica. Royals look very much like Macaroni Penguins, but have a white face and chin instead of the Macaronis' black visage.

Long Description

They are about 70 cm (28 in) long and weigh about 6 kg (13 lb). 

Royal Penguins feed on krill, fish, and small amounts of squid. 

Royal Penguins nest on beaches or on bare areas on slopes covered with vegetation. Like most seabirds they are colonial, nesting in scrapes on the ground up to a mile inland. They put plants and stones inside the nest. The breeding season begins in September after mating having starting in October. Two eggs are incubated for 35 days, with each incubation period lasting up to two weeks. After brooding the chick for three weeks, both parents forage at sea while the chicks form large creches. The chicks fledge after two months. Young adults usually return to the colony to breed after six years.


Royal Penguins breed only on Macquarie Island and, like other penguins, spend much of their time at sea, where they are assumed to be pelagic.

Since the end of penguin hunting on Macquarie the numbers have climbed to 850,000 pairs.

Distribution Map

Royal Penguin  Distribution Map


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