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COMET Receives Funding for Coastal Education and Awareness Project

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

COMET Corporation has received funding from the National Lottery Foundation to develop and implement a local Coastal Community education and awareness program, in order to provide Local Coastal Community members with better knowledge and understanding of their local marine and coastal resources, to promote tourism through better conservation, sustainability and opportunity awareness in the different coastal regions of South Africa.


Project Overview:
The project is to create awareness in members of the Local Coastal Communities through education and training, of the potential for tourism in their area, and to assist those already involved in tourism activities to enhance their offerings and experience through better understanding of the environment and species in each location.

In summary, the project will involve:

  1. The creation of a series of educational and informative courses using video, photographs, slides and written course material covering the different aspects of the environment, species and eco-systems they need to understand.
  2. Creating a mechanism of delivery through the identification and appointment of one or more COMET representatives in each community, whose function will be to act as the ‘champion’ and assist community members to get access to the training material and provide mentorship as and when needed. The champions will encourage the different facilities to adopt a Best Practice approach.
  3. Gather feedback from the results, assess and monitor performances and impact on the community facilities thereby either adding to and/or modifying the course material to match the circumstances.
  4. Assisting with the ongoing marketing and promotion of the community to the tourism markets with ad hoc inspections to ensure conformance to Best Practice, sustainability and conformance to good environmental and ecological practices.
  5. Assisting communities to identify local business opportunities in coastal and marine tourism, help develop such businesses and assist with partnership developments.
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