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Ecotourism Australia’s ECO certification program has been Approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), as one of the first tourism certification programs in the world to meet the compliance requirements of the GSTC Approval Manual.

“GSTC Approval status brings further credibility to a well-respected and established brand, ECO certification, and raises its profile in the global arena. International guests can now recognise and choose with confidence high quality tour operators delivering true ecotourism experiences” said Rod Hillman – CEO Ecotourism Australia.

The GSTC establishes and manages global sustainable standards with the aim of increasing sustainable tourism knowledge and practices. They are an independent body, serving the important role of managing global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism.

April 2014

Whale and dolphin watching may not be the low-impact, sustainable industries many believe them to be according to a new evidence-based book, co-edited by Associate Professor Lars Bejder of the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit.

Whale-watching: Sustainable Tourism and Ecological Management critically explores the complex issues associated with the sustainable management of whale watching, highlighting the spectacular growth in demand for tourist interactions with cetaceans in the wild, and the challenge of effective policy, planning and management.

COMET is pleased to announce that their latest project "Coastal Community Education and Awareness  Program", or CCEAP for short has been given the support of the Western Cape Regional Government. The CCEAP project, which is funded partially by the SA National Lotteries Board is well under way with the development and production of the first few training modules. More details are mentioned in the previous announcement on this page regarding funding from NLDTF.


COMET Corporation has received funding from the National Lottery Foundation to develop and implement a local Coastal Community education and awareness program, in order to provide Local Coastal Community members with better knowledge and understanding of their local marine and coastal resources, to promote tourism through better conservation, sustainability and opportunity awareness in the different coastal regions of South Africa.


Project Overview:
The project is to create awareness in members of the Local Coastal Communities through education and training, of the potential for tourism in their area, and to assist those already involved in tourism activities to enhance their offerings and experience through better understanding of the environment and species in each location.

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