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Gentle Giants

Main Activity: Whale & Dolphin Watching (boat based)

Iceland -  - Husavik

Contact Information

Contact: Mr Stefán Guðmundsson
Address: Harbour Side, 640 Husavik, Husavik, Iceland
Tel: (+354) 4641500
GPS: 17° 20' 47” S, 66° 02' 50” S


We have a 98% success rate of spotting whales on our tours. Our staff has vast experience at sea, in particular around the Skjálfandi bay. We will do our best to make your tour an unforgettable experience.

We have several Boats:

SYLVÍA is probably the most beautiful boat in Húsavík harbour. The high front makes her look very proud, crossing Skjálfandi bay with self confidence in search for whales. This traditional Icelandic oak boat was built and used for fishing, but converted into a passenger vessel in 2007.

FALDUR is a boat with history - once used for fishing, and even whale-hunting; killing whales as daily bread. She came to Húsavík and was rebuilt into a whale watching boat in the year 2001.

ATHENA is our speedy fibre glass boat, specialised for sea angling and to take smaller groups for various activities. She is the fastest passenger vessel in Skjálfandi Bay.

Environmental Policy
Our environmental policy reflects the owners’ long-time experience and commitment to all aspects of conservation, protecting the environment and treating nature with respect. This is our answer to the increasing demand from our customers and global organisations for companies like Gentle Giants Whale Watching who support and contribute to the eco-system and sustainable tourism – worldwide.

Species sighted in this area

Harbour porpoise
White-beaked dolphin
Long-finned pilot whale
Northern bottlenose whale
Sperm whale
Minke whale
Humpback whale
Sei whale
Fin whale
Blue whale

Other activities

Deep Sea Fishing

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Vessel Info

Vessel Name: Faldur
Vessel Type: Traditional Icelandic Oak Boat
Registration No:

Vessel Name: Athena
Vessel Type: Fibreglass Monohull
Registration No:

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