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White Shark Projects

Main Activity: Shark Diving

South Africa - Western Cape - Kleinbaai

Contact Information

Contact: Owner
Address: 16 Geelbek Street, Kleinbaai, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 028 384 1774


Here, in the heart of the world's Great White Shark mecca we offer a unique diving opportunity for you to witness the wonder of the Great White Shark. These gliding torpedoes of power serve as the focus of White Shark Projects, a renowned global research organization founded in 1989 and totally dedicated to their conservation.
White Shark Projects takes you on an adrenalin surging adventure experience that will leave you in awe of these magnificent ocean predators.

Species sighted in this area

Great White Shark, Cape Fur Seal, African Penguin, Southern Right Whales (in season) and variety of marine birds

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