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State / Region:Northern Iceland

Bátaferðir - Boat Tours

Country: Iceland - Province: Northern Iceland - City: Dalvík
Main Activity: Whale & Dolphin Watching (boat based)

Scheduled boat tours for whale watching, sea angling and bird watching in Dalvik, 44 km (26 miles) north of Akureyri, Iceland. Each tour takes about three hours in a beautiful oak boat. read more...

Sea Sailing

Country: Iceland - Province: Northern Iceland - City: Reykjavik
Main Activity: Whale & Dolphin Watching (land based)

As we sail out on the bay the mountains take on a whole new personality from the open sea, where the peace is broken only by the swooping seabirds trailing the boat. Our destination is the natural habitat of the whales, and more often than not we have a close encounter! No two trips are alike and nature surprises us with a different spectacle every time. read more...

North Sailing

Country: Iceland - Province: Northern Iceland - City: Husavik
Main Activity: Whale & Dolphin Watching (boat based)

North Sailing is a leading company in tourism and Icelandic coastal culture and was the first company in Iceland to organise and offer regular whale watching tours. With the focus on whale watching North Sailing has branched out and runs restaurant Gamli Baukur and Café Skuld, both situated in the harbour area. North Sailing owns and operates six traditional Icelandic oak boats which are environmentally friendly and moreover preserve national heritage that otherwise would be lost. read more...

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