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South Africa - Western Cape - Strand

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Contact: Alpha Dive Centre
Address: 96 Main Road, Strand, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 854 3150/1


Scuba Dive Sites

Cape Town False Bay offers the diver such variety and surprise that it is difficult to classify this coastline as any particular “type” of diving. Dive sites range vastly in bottom composition depending on where in False Bay you choose to dive. It fluctuates from rocky terrain characterized by the steep cliffs on the Western side of False Bay to sandy bottoms on the Eastern side. Gordon’s Bay, in particular, is characterized by a stony bottom of large, rounded boulders or flattened rock.

A number of sites on both sides of the bay are distinguished by vast, dense and beautiful kelp forests that house any number of creatures such as Pajama Sharks, Leopard Catsharks and Puffadder shysharks. These forests act as a filter for dirty water so divers will often experience mediocre conditions until entering the kelp whereupon the visibility improves dramatically.

Gordon’s Bay, Rooi Els and Simonstown sites boast spectacular sea fans in bright oranges and reds which sway in the surge - another defining characteristic of dive conditions in the Cape.

The friendly Cape Fur Seal will often make an appearance on your dive. It might just be a fleeting glimpse but more often than not, your new dive buddy will hang around for some time. Sheer curiosity of the younger ones will have them diving in and out of your group and can often be seen imitating your movements.

Divers will seldom see bare rock as every nook and cranny on the reef is carpeted by sea anemones of all colours imaginable, with feather stars in various hues of orange and brown, vying for space with soft corals in pinks and purples, making it a difficult

Species sighted in this area

Whales, dolphin, sharks, seals, penguins

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