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About COMET Corporation

Company Formation

The Company was incorporated in South Africa in 1999 under Section 21 of the Companies Act of 1973 - as a non-profit organization The Company acts as a Corporation with a Board of Directors. The full name of the Company is: Coastal and Marine Eco-Tourism Corporation, and is referred to as COMET Corporation.

COMET Corporation has recently signed an Agreement with Eco-tourism Australia, to bring Eco-tourism Certification to the SADC countries in Africa, under the criteria laid down by the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), an UN initiative. In this association, COMET Corporation is trading as Eco-tourism Africa under their own logo.

  • Company Registration No. 99/18289/08
  • Non-Profit Organization No: 022-956-NPO
  • Public Benefit Organization no: PBO: 930 015 248

Company Objectives

  • To become nationally and internationally recognized as a Corporation specializing in Marine and Coastal tourism, management and observation issues.
  • To identify opportunities and initiate, promote and further the development of local and regional sustainable and responsible marine and coastal tourism through Best Practice initiatives.
  • To promote conservation of coastal and marine birds, mammals and all other fauna and flora.
  • To promote and assist with research into conservation and eco-tourism issues.
  • To assist with the establishment and operation of various coastal bird and mammal conservation and rehabilitation centers.
  • To identify, develop and support awareness campaigns and provide education and training relating both to the marine and coastal environment as well as inland environmental and species, to further the up-liftment and development of local communities and their incorporation into the business of sustainable eco-tourism country-wide.
  • To raise funds to facilitate the implementation of these objectives.

Other initiatives involve the production of Marine and Marine Wildlife Training courses, Oil Spill Response initiatives, conferences and many other projects. COMET is also involved locally and internationally in, among other activities, (Boat-Based) Whale and Dolphin Watching, Marine Protected Areas, Sharks, Turtles, Penguins, Whale Sanctuaries, Commercial Fishing activities and general marine and coastal conservation, with a mission to assist in providing a balance between commercial exploitation and protection of these resources.

COMET Corporation, through association with Penny Ferry Company (Pty) Ltd develops and delivers community training in a wide range of subjects in order to stimulate and promote upliftment and employment among disadvantaged communities, coastal as well as inland. The Learning Management System provided for this training (e-learning) is, owned and operated by Penny Ferry Training Company


Directors of COMET Corporation

  • Bruce See (Brit)
  • Horst Kleinschmidt
  • Janette du Toit
  • Dr Jack van Niftrik
  • Robert Wilson
  • Trevor Cohen
  • Danielle See

Company Contact Details

e-mails:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Postal and Registered Address:
13 Hardwick Road
Newlands, Cape Town
South Africa

COMET Mission Statement

To promote local and national Sustainable Tourism and Conservation, principally in the Marine and Coastal Environments, through the identification, development and implementation of such opportunities within the broad guidelines of Responsible Tourism.

An important part of this initiative is to develop, promote, manage and assist with Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Programmes within the marine, coastal and Inland regions of Africa through:

  • The promotion and support of Eco-tourism and Responsible Tourism initiatives
  • Raising the awareness of rural and coastal Communities of the importance of conservation, through the provision of education and training initiatives
  • Providing stimulation and assistance to impoverished coastal and rural Communities by the identification and development of sustainable livelihoods, through the provision of Training, Awareness and Mentorship Programs
  • Providing improved Wellness and Health awareness through training and disease management programmes in association with suitably qualified providers

COMET Corporation’s philosophy is to develop and work in partnerships and/or association with other organizations (commercial, governmental, PBOs and NGOs), to ensure the success and sustainability of their objectives.

COMET Corporation will, in conjunction with community leaders, local and national authorities and regulatory bodies, assist with the implementation and development of such suitable opportunities and specific conservation projects through striking balances between local, individual and community needs and the conservation of the natural resources.

The Education and Training and development of Awareness Projects for local communities within the framework and guidelines for Responsible Tourism and Conservation in the Marine and Coastal environments is the major initiative for achieving these objectives.

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